CSA, the Chaos Strategic Alliance, is a think-tank composed of intelligent, influential, creative people from the USA, the UK, Australia, Canada, Mexico and other parts of the world. They are a little like the Rand Corporation or the Brookings Institution in that they do research and issue opinions. But, unlike Rand and Brookings; the CSA agenda is more pragmatic than political.

The membership is small and they hold closed meetings on a sporadic, as needed basis. CSA sets policy for Blue, Ltd. and offers council to FESA regarding their projects and priorities. CSA is headquartered at Area 50, in Roswell, New Mexico.


General Majors, USMC, retired, is a Hybrid like Blue. He had a successful gene-splicing procedure several years ago so his skin is not tinted blue. General Majors is a very imposing man. He is the Supreme Commander of Area 50 in Roswell, New Mexico, which is not supposed to exist and he is on the advisory board, which is not supposed to exist, with select world leaders to determine with whom and when advanced extraterrestrial technology, which is not supposed to exist, is shared. He is also the Chairman of CSA.



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