Who is in charge of the SBT and who do they work for?
The Mysterious Mr. Blue is their handler. The lovely DoubleOh is their Commanding Officer. Sundoggie is the Chief of covert ops. The SBT works directly for Blue, Ltd.

What is the SBT?
The SBT is composed of five talented, beautiful, intelligent females. There are three core members. The team captain is Vendela. Gunnel is second in command. Asa is third in command. There are also several Active Reserve Members including Erika and Helga and several Inactive Reserve Members.

What is a core member?
A Core Member is one of the original three SBT members.

What is a reserve member?
A Reserve Member is an SBT member who has a particular specialty.  We also have Reserve Members in Training, for just in case. There are currently two SBT Reserve Members in Training.

What are the requirements to become a Reserve SBT Member?
Beauty, Brainpower and Bravery are the basic requirements. Watch the website at for further details.

Why a Swedish Bikini Team? Isn’t that an oxymoron?
Taken literally, it may seem that way, sinse Swedis is noted for snow and ice, not warm sandy beaches; but there are beaches in Sweden. And because our movies are based upon parody and satire, that’s the point. Besides…why not?

Do Reserve SBT Members have to be Swedish?
This criterion can be waived for Reserve Members; the SBT is an equal opportunity employer.

When was the SBT established?
The Swedish Bikini Team was conceived of in 1989. The current members were recruited in 1996.

Is this the same Swedish Bikini Team that did the beer commercials?
No, those members are in exile. They have been replaced with the current SBT members who are under the same management team that created the SBT. As in football, the team remains, but team members can change.

Do they wear stupid wigs with fake accents like the old Swedish Bikini Team?
No. These babes are for real.Are they really Swedish?
Yes. Except for Gunnel; she’s the token Norwegian of the group.

Do they reside in Sweden?
They split their time between Sweden and the USA.

Why do they exist?
The SBT’s main mission is to promote feminine pride and a better world.

What does feminine pride mean?
Feminine Pride means that they are proud to be females; they don’t want to be men and they don’t want to compete against men. They recognize that they represent one-half of the equation of the human race. There is the Feminine part of the equation and the Masculine part. The SBT babes do not want to ‘feminize’ men. They celebrate the difference by recognizing their Feminity.

What do they mean by a better world?
A Better World means they strive for world peace and harmony, wider cross-cultural understanding and self-reliance, prosperity, good health and happiness for all cultures and for all people.

What does the SBT Motto, Beauty Brains Bravery, mean? 
‘Beauty’ comes in all shapes and sizes. It is the total visual package of the woman. Components include the way she carries herself as well as her raw looks. Her personality can add to or subtract from her beauty. Beauty starts on the inside and works its way out. The glow of good health is a primary component of beauty. A healthy diet and a healthy exercise regimen are contributing factors. Impeccable hygiene, a flattering hairstyle, flattering make-up and flattering clothes are also components of beauty. All of these components combine to bring beauty to the surface where all can enjoy it.
‘Brains’ means brainpower. Brainpower is attained largely through education and experience; it includes IQ as well as common sense. Education is vital for over-all knowledge, career goals and independence. And brainpower is the foundation of over-all strength. Even physical strength begins in the brain as belief in one’s self, resulting in self-confidence. Brainpower defines the roadmap to the highway to success.

‘Bravery’ means being brave enough to do the right thing, whatever the circumstance. It means saying ‘No’ when necessary and meaning it. It means working through trying circumstances with common sense and logic and not defaulting to emotions. It means accepting responsibility for one’s own actions. It means bucking the crowd and avoiding wrongful things justbecause ‘everybody else’ is doing it. It means knowing the difference between right and wrong, and good and evil, and acting accordingly.

What do the SBT members do?
The SBT members star in their own films. They are in development with a TV series. They do most of their own stunts and all of their own fighting. They are trained in Jiu-Jitsu, combat handgun techniques and other fighting methods.  They also dance and sing. They play golf. They shoot trap. They shoot rifles. They SCUBA dive. They ride horses. They are good with computers. They all have degrees. They speak several languages.

Does the SBT have its own training camp?
The SBT has many training camps. They train in the Martial Arts at Malibu Judo where they study full-contact combat grappling. They study Nuclear Physics in Avondale, Arizona. They do their firearms training at Gopher Flats in Sylmar. They work on their golf game wherever they happen to be.

Are the SBT members proponents of guns?
They are proponents of the responsible and appropriate use of guns. They are especially proponents of gun safety. To them, a gun is a tool of last resort. In an ideal world, guns would not be needed. Unfortunately, this is not an ideal world.

Do the SBT babes jump out of airplanes?
Some do and some do not.

Do they have a secret base, like Batman?
That is classified information.

Do they do live appearances?

Do the SBT girls do nudity or go topless in their movies?
No. The SBT babes feel that some things are best left to the imagination. Also, the SBT girls won’t do anything that would embarrass their younger sisters or their grandmothers.

What is the SBT stance on gays?
They have no stance. The SBT babes feel that what consenting adults do legally and in privacy is their business. Period.

Do the SBT members want to become US citizens?
Yes. They’re doing it the legal way. It takes years.What is the SBT stance on abortion?
It would be inappropriate for the SBT babes to take US political positions until they become US citizens. But they feel that there are much better ways to achieve birth control. They favor the PPUP Principle: Planning Prevents Unwanted Pregnancies.

What do they think about American politics?
They feel that it is inappropriate for entertainers to espouse political views. Everyone is entitled to her own opinion, but entertainers are not political insiders, therefore they have neither the insight nor the knowledge on specific issues. There are plenty of political pundits who are willing to share their expert knowledge and opinions with the public. The SBT babes do freely admit to admiring the US Constitutional Republic form of government, the US Constitution, the Bill of Rights, the two party system and secret ballot voting. And they admit to being devout Capitalists.

Do any of them do drugs?
They feel that there is a good reason why illegal drugs are illegal, so they do not take them. And since they believe in preventive medicine, they even try to avoid legal drugs.

What about alcohol?
Those who are of legal age are light social drinkers. They like champagne, wine, vodka and beer.

Do any of them smoke?
Not a chance!

When will the first SBT movie be released?
It went through a lot of litigation with the first distributor. That has recently been settled and it is now in preparation for an Internet DVD release. Notice that the working title was Never Say Never Mind. The title has been changed to The Mysterious Mr. Blue in Never Mind. It will be released in November 2007.

When will the SBT make their next movie?
They are in development now on MOONBREAKER. We have an agreement with a Florida studio. The studio’s CEO wants to back Moonbreaker.

Do the SBT plan on doing a TV series?
We are in the development stages of the Adventures of the Swedish Bikini Team, a reality TV show.


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