CRAWL, Close Range Articulated Warpable Laser 
This device emits a bright, focused light beam that overloads the optic nerves causing temporary blindness. It has a variable potentiometer enabling it to be used for high intensity applications such as melting metal.

GIZMO II, This Gizmo II personal weapon combines the original ELF and IMP Gizmos into one new Gizmo. The ELF, Extreme Low Frequency, section emits a focused low frequency sound wave. The IMP, Intense electroMagnetic Pulse, section emits a focused, high-energy electromagnetic pulse. The synergistic effect of these two events causes humans to lose control over bodily functions by disrupting the digestive system and short-circuiting the efferent neurons, or motor nerves. This causes temporary physical incapacitation. When aimed at an electronic device, any non-hardened circuit is destroyed. The effective range is thirty meters.

NAVCOD, Navigation, Audio, Video, Chronograph, cOmmunications Device
There are three versions: Base station, Portable lap-top and Wrist-worn portable. It can tell time of day and date in all time zones, has a global positioning system and serves as a private wireless audio/video communications device. It can also send out an emergency distress/location signal.

MUT, MUlti-purpose Tool. This compact device is a power wrench, power screwdriver, pliers and cutting tool all in one.
The SBT Gizmos are powered by plutonium batteries and very advanced nano-circuitry. The SBT Gizmos are carried in utility holsters.



The SBT UTILITY KNIFE is a custom-made, ceramic all purpose knife.

CZ 75; a high capacity, nine-millimeter, semi-automatic handgun.

M-4 short assault rifle in 5.56 NATO.

Japanese Arisaka 7.7mm customized sniper rifle with a 10X scope.
They also have a variety of other firearms, electronic and edged weapons.


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