Tired of the usual Hollywood BS? Of course you are! We all are. We play outside the boundaries of Hollywood’s business-as-usual box. One of the major studios ripped off an early opening from the Never Mind script…it ended up as the opening for the first Charlie’s Angels flick and we didn’t even get a thank you. And our first distributor released Never Mind with the wrong title (Never Say Never Mind) and as a work in progress; he apparently didn’t know that the opening hadn’t been shot when he released it. We had to go through legal channels to get the film back and fix it. The dust has finally settled and now the only Authorized Version is edited and ready to be enjoyed by all.
In Never Mind you actually have to pay attention in order to get it. Explosions? We don’t need no stinking badges; uhh…I mean explosions; well…maybe one. The fight scenes are real, the jokes actually have a point and there are no gratuitous sex scenes. This is one of those rare films that Baby Boomers can watch with their grandkids and no one will be embarrassed. This film is all about Girlpowerand enlightened Science Fiction!

This very entertaining PG-13 style film is now available through the Internet and on DVD exclusively to SBT fans on this website. The sound track will blow you away. And wait till you see the jungle scene with Helga and the woman eating plant of Amazonia. And the fight scenes are quick, direct and brutal just like in real life. Get your copy now; this is a movie that you’ll watch more than once.

Send us a short video clip with a comment about the SBT and we will post our favorite ones as a montage on the SBT website. Be creative!  We want to know what you like about the Swedish Bikini Team. Who is your favorite SBT babe and why?


 The Mysterious Mr. Blue (Bruce Payne), a Hybrid…part extraterrestrial part Earthling, faces extraterrestrials while under a telepathic sleep paralysis session. He receives instructions from his father from the planet Magnetron.

The Swedish Bikini Team members are informed that a clone of the infamous Los Alamos hard drive is in the possession of INTERR, a terrorist group whose goal is to develop nuclear weapons to further their quest for international extortion leading to global domination. The SBT, under the auspices of the Mysterious Mr. Blue and DoubleOh (Janet McCabe), faces the wily talents of INTERR’s Hakim (John Rhys Davies) who will stop at nothing to exploit the secrets on the hard drive.

Meanwhile, SBT member Helga gets in trouble on her mission deep in the Amazonian rain forest to locate the rarest plant on Earth…the womanous devourous amazonious whilethe remaining four SBT members fly to London to receive their knighthood from the Queen at Buckingham Palace. The Leather Nun (Dyan Keenan) gets interrogated about her Joe Datsun connection. And once Joe Datsun (Vincent Marcello), Abdul (Raj Ghatak) and Sean (Anthony Brophy) get involved with field portable nuclear devices on Big Ben and the Tower Bridge, things begin to get serious. The Adventure Never Stops…


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