They have M
We have the Mysterious Mr. Blue

They have Q
We have DoubleOh

They have Bond… James Bond
We have Bikini Team… the Swedish Bikini Team

They like it Shaken
We like it Stirred        

They have Miss Moneypenny
We have Miss Chivas

They have Felix Leiter, CIA
We have Sundoggie, USMC

They have Dr. No
 We have Dr. Yes
They have Goldfinger
We have Hakim

They have Jaws
We have Mingo

They can stage a fight scene really well because they have a lot of excellent stunt doubles.
We can stage a fight scene really well because weare trained Martial Artists and do our own fight scenes.

They shoot a lot of bullets; usually neglecting to aim.
We are sharpshooters and aim to hit on the first shot…quickly.

They have Gadgets
We have SBT Gizmos
They have MI-6
 We have Blue, Ltd. and  Echelon II

They have become Politically Correct
We are Politically Independent

We have Dr. Mia Manntoi, Babydog, Extraterrestrials and Hybrids
They do not


Kicking ass and taking names with Girlpower into the Twenty-First Century

The Swedish Bikini Team
Beauty Brains Bravery
The Mysterious Mr. Blue and the
Swedish Bikini Team…Beyond Bond
Enlightened Science Fiction
The Future is Now


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