The SBT girls officially work for Blue, Ltd., and in parallel with Echelon II, which replaced the original Echelon.  The original Echelon was formed in a secret agreement called UKUSA in 1948. Canada, Australia and New Zealand also joined this spy group.
Most government agencies have historically denied Echelon’s existence. Echelon II was formed for two reasons: One, so that the original Echelon could be disbanded and discredited; and two, so that visual imaging could be added to the audio monitoring capabilities. Echelon II achieves this by utilizing the latest imaging technology including unmanned spy planes and by interfacing strategically located geo-stationary imaging-equipped satellites into their system. 

The SBT MOON satellite surveillance/weapons system is at the strategically correct location to be the final link in this Echelon II system. Echelon II has intercept stations including uplinks, downlinks and satellites all over the world to capture satellite, microwave, cellular, wireless, landline and fiber-optic communications traffic. Echelon II then processes this information through the massive computer capabilities of the NSA, including advanced voice recognition and optical character recognition (OCR) programs, and looks for code words or phrases (known as the ECHELON Dictionary) that will prompt the computers to flag messages for recording and transcribing for future analysis. Intelligence analysts at each of the respective “listening stations” maintain separate keyword lists for them to analyze any conversation or document flagged by the system, which is then forwarded to the respective intelligence agency headquarters.

The Echelon II imaging section receives images from all over the globe. Special scrutiny is paid to strategic locations such as China, Russia, North Korea, Afghanistan, Columbia, France, Iraq, Iran and Saudi Arabia. Images that are in conflict with baseline information can trigger an instant analysis by imaging experts.

Echelon II, under the same agreement as the original Echelon, is run by the same five main English-speaking countries of the world. This includes the USA, UK, Australia, New Zealand, and Canada. This partnership is stronger than the UN or NATO and is under the ultimate authority of the NSA, which is under the authority of the CIA. Each participating country has a liaison in each of the other countries’ intelligence headquarters. Italy, Spain, Germany, Japan, Norway, Sweden, South Korea and Turkey participate on a third party basis.

Colonel Glick is younger than Blue and very athletic. Glick, like Mr. Blue, is a hybrid. Due to advanced gene-splicing techniques, which he had as a child, he is able to utilize iron as a blood-oxygen carrier, so he fits in better.  He’s the kind of man who seems to know a lot more than he is willing admit and he is friendlier than Blue.

Glick is a colonel in the United States Air Force. His specialty is intelligence and he is on permanent assignment as the Inspector-General of Echelon II, the biggest surveillance system in the world. He answers to the NSA which answers to the CIA.

Glick has worked with Blue on top-secret projects for a number of years and has just recently devised a brilliant plan to interface the Swedish Bikini Team MOON surveillance/weapons system satellite into the highly secret network of Echelon II. The SBT MOON satellite would then be the final link in a network of geo-stationary satellites that will give Echelon II expanded information gathering abilities.

Glick is another of the Hybrid operatives who are engaged in ultimately disabling all weapons of mass destruction.


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