BLUE, Ltd is a privately held corporation that specializes in counter-espionage/surveillance whose main clients are select private companies, select NATO countries and Echelon II. The organization’s main purpose is to aid and abet friendly governments to promote freedom, to share the appropriate use of technology for the benefit of humankind, to achieve peace through strength and to reverse the spread of nuclear weapons.

The mysterious Mr. Blue, AKA Major Martin Bluestone, USMC retired, is the CEO. His COO is the lovely Double-Oh. Blue, Ltd.’s main offices are in Roswell, New Mexico. There are branches in London, Florida, the Bahamas and other parts of the world. Blue’s assignments are contracted with friendly governments (NATO) and worthy private corporations on a case-by-case basis. Blue Ltd. is directly interfaced with Echelon II, the world’s most secret spy network.

Blue Ltd.’s main laboratory is located in the industrial outskirts of Roswell, New Mexico. Deep underground, beneath the Laboratories and offices is a huge complex known as Area 50 which serves as the main transit and holding depot for extraterrestrial technology and biological entities. Reverse engineering for some devises begins here but alien aircraft are secretly shipped to Area 51 at Groom Lake, Nevada for testing and analysis.

Blue, Ltd. Personnel

Mr. Blue, USMC, retired; Chief Executive Officer - click image to read more about Mr. Blue

DoubleOh, Chief Operations Officer -
click image to read more about DoubleOh

Sundoggie; USMC, active reserve; Chief of covert ops
Ex Marine, Force Recon. He is sniper-trained and has superior sharpshooter skills. Also qualified sharpshooter with a .45 caliber combat handgun. Exceptional Martial Arts abilities. He is calm under fire. Will not work with a spotter. He has advanced desert/mountain/jungle survival skills. He got seven verified one thousand meter plus kills in Desert Storm. Good-looking, masculine, athletic, laid-back and intense. Usually one step ahead of everyone else. The wrong guy to piss off. Weakness: women. Sundoggie is the chief of covert ops for Blue, Ltd.

The Swedish Bikini Team; Counter-intelligence operatives/long-range image interpreters

Miss Chivas; receptionist
Miss Chivas runs the offices of Blue, Ltd. She is young, attractive, efficient, high-strung and dresses like she just stepped out of a Salsa disco. Miss Chivas was the valedictorian of her graduating class at the University of New Mexico. She went there on a soccer scholarship.
She graduated with double majors in Archeology and Environmental Sciences. She earned extra money by dancing at a strip club. Staying ahead of the curve is normal for her. Miss Chivas is full of surprises and is an asset to Blue, Ltd.

Dr. Mia Manntoi; CIA liaison/company psychotherapist

AKA the Leather Nun. She was raised in a convent after her parents were killed in a terrible car wreck. She was abused by the nuns and connects punishment with love and pleasure. She left the convent when she turned eighteen. She attended a Catholic women's college and earned a doctorate in animal psychology.   

She got a job as an outside contractor with the CIA and used her Leather Nun persona as a cover. She began by consorting with foreign diplomats and pumping them for information, while they “pumped” her. Later, she would file reports on them at the appropriate CIA field office.
Now, she is a “Company” (CIA) psychotherapist, giving council to operatives suffering from job burn out. Dr. Manntoi employs a “time-condensed” method of intense psychotherapy, which seems to work very well. Her book, “The Ism Factor” is a best seller. She is an elegantly beautiful middle-aged woman with angular features and a great figure. Her dark hair is pulled back into a tight bun. She wears stylish horn-rimmed glasses. Every now and then, she lets her hair down. She wears black leather everything. She often looks slightly annoyed but that is balanced with a quick wit. She is on loan from the CIA to Blue, Ltd.

Major Tom
He is average looking, average height, and has a slender build. After serving as a pilot in the US Air Force, he became a test pilot for Lockheed. Then, in a secret exchange program, he served as a fighter pilot and test pilot for the Swedish Navy. He was subsequently recruited by NASA into the astronaut program. He graduated number one in his class. Ultimately, FESA made him an offer that he could not refuse; he is their number one pilot. Tends to be arrogant but always seems to be able to back it up. He knows no fear (or hides it well).

Mingo; double-agent
Mingo is in his early thirties and is very muscular with tattoos. He was born in Columbia and raised by a sadistic aunt. Although not evil, this seemingly ruthless, aggressive man considers human beings to be objects that can be used at his whim. Mingo is an archetypical mercenary. His partners in crime are supposedly the notorious Banditos. This semi-bad guy is smarter than he lets on and he is actually a double agent hired by Blue to infiltrate the Banditos and INTERR. He speaks with a Spanish accent.

Blue Ltd. also coordinates FESA, the Free Enterprise Space Agency and CSA, the Chaos Strategic Alliance.

FESA has designed a better, cheaper space shuttle, a better cheaper Moon lander and a viable plan to land men on Mars within two years.

CSA is a think tank composed of intelligent, creative, pragmatic people who think outside the box. They set policy for Blue, Ltd.

ECHELON II is an ultra-secret spy agency that is not supposed to exist.

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