DoubleOh is a very attractive Swedish-descended woman…barely thirty and well preserved. The appellation ‘DoubleOh’ comes from her given name, Olga Olsen. No one calls her by her given name. She has golden blonde hair, big, deep, tanzanite blue eyes, an angelic face and double Ds. Always having been fascinated with power tools, glue guns and computers, DoubleOh likes to tinker. And though she is also known as the ‘Mistress of Gizmo Technology’ and she develops the SBT Gizmos, DoubleOh holds no advanced degrees: She has a pool of eggheads, mostly Hybrids, that do all of the cutting-edge engineering and manufacturing; she just comes up with the ideas, sets the operational parameters and designs the look. Her main laboratory is in the Blue, Ltd. facility in Roswell, New Mexico.

DoubleOh is Blue's right hand ‘man’. She coordinates logistics and takes care of operations when he's out in the field. She is a certified rescue SCUBA diver, an offshore racing boat pilot, a close-quarters combat expert, a dancer, a skier and a figure skater. She has also dabbled in gymnastics and is an excellent roller skater. Years ago, she was drafted by the Thunderbirds, a professional female roller derby team. She did one scrimmage with them and, being very fast and very aggressive on skates, DoubleOh decked several of the veteran skaters. But when she was told that the contests were ‘pre scripted’ like in Professional Wrestling, she told them to stuff it and promptly left. She has water skied the width, seventeen miles, of Lake Tahoe.


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