Major Martin Chatsworth Bluestone, AKA Mr. Blue

The Swedish Bikini Team’s handler, the Mysterious Mister Blue, AKA Major Martin Chatsworth Bluestone, is retired from the US Marine Corps. Since his retirement, he avoids the use of the title ‘Major’. His closest associates simply call him Mr. Blue or Blue. Blue is a fine-featured but masculine chap, thirty-something, six feet tall with an athletic build. His pale blue eyes have a patina reminiscent of the embers of a dormant campfire; and his piercing gaze tends to frighten men and mesmerize women. His thick shoulders and sinuous neck suggest power that is more than skin deep.

Bruce Payne as The Mysterious Mr. Blue

Blue, who is very secretive about his past and very discrete about his personal life, was born on a Zuni Indian reservation in New Mexico. His Hopi mother, Mary Little Cloud Bluestone, a Shaman, or medicine woman, is descended from the ancient Anasazi peoples. They have a very long history of close encounters with extraterrestrials. In fact, Blue’s father, whom he has never met, is an extraterrestrial from the planet Magnetron which is the fifth planet from Sirius, a double star in the constellation Canis Major. On mid-summer night, the night of the summer solstice, in 1963, extraterrestrials abducted Blue’s mother. The extraterrestrials’ leader, Nustad, smitten with Mary Little Cloud's uncommon beauty, impressed with her intelligence and her deep insight beyond mere Earth-bound humanity, coupled with and impregnated her. The following spring, Martin Chatsworth Bluestone was born. This makes Martin a Hybrid; part Earthling, part extraterrestrial. This blessed event was accompanied by the birth of a white Buffalo on the reservation on the very same day at the very same time. These simultaneous events fulfilled an ancient Mayan prophesy.
From the beginning, it was quite clear that Martin was a very special child. Once he was weaned from his mother’s breast, two men in gray, ‘Special Advisors’, visited Mary Little Cloud on a weekly basis. These ‘advisors’ made sure that mother and child wanted for nothing. Martin was sent to a boarding school in London at the age of ten. He spent his summers on the reservation in New Mexico learning from his mother and the tribal elders and being guided by his ‘advisors’.

Blue’s body utilizes copper instead of iron as a blood-oxygen carrier. His hair gives off a slight blue tint, and his fingernails, tongue and lips are tinted slightly blue. This gives him the appearance of someone suffering from acute and chronic cyanosis. He is, in fact, quite healthy as long as he takes his copper supplements. He has recently had a gene-splicing procedure, which will allow him to utilize iron as a blood-oxygen carrier. It will take a few months until the process is complete. Blue will have to continue taking copper supplements until that time. Most Hybrids have this procedure done right after birth so it just takes a single injection and much less time. 

Blue eventually attained joint American British citizenship and ultimately attended Oxford, at a very young age. After graduating, Blue returned to the USA where he joined the US Marine Corps under a top-secret joint-service agreement with Great Britain. He went straight into Marine Intelligence and served as an active liaison between the US Navy and the British Royal Navy. He is jump-school certified and was involved in Desert Storm. Blue led a squad of six US Recon Marines and a special squad of six Royal Marine Ghurkas in a rout that resulted in the deaths of fifty-three members of Saddam’s ‘elite’ Republican Guard. Not a shot was fired, the bad guys mostly died in their sleep by deft application of USMC K-Bar knife, Ghurka Kukri knife and ruthless unarmed techniques. During his Marine Corp career, Blue also lent his expertise to Echelon II, the US/UK spy agency that is not supposed to exist. Although he ‘retired’ from active duty soon after completing his mission in Desert Storm and formed Blue, Ltd., he is on active reserve status.

Blue does his very best to avoid discussing his non-terrestrial origins. His goal is to fit in. Most sightings of Grays and UFOs are deliberately discredited by carefully placed government officials who often happen to be Hybrids like Blue.
He usually dresses in all blue clothes, from his hat down to his blue leather shoes. He is very intelligent but seems devoid of any open expression of emotion. Had he gone into show business, he would have been a great straight man. In fact, he has a deep sense of humor.

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