“The film (Never Mind) has all the MASALA for commercial success worldwide. An absolute standout with enormous rewatchable potential. Executed in a very unique refreshing directorial style, which reiterates the fact that cream does rise to the top. It is very funny, thoroughly entertaining with a great cast, beautiful women, excellent script and for sure I give it a TWO THUMBS WAY UP THERE! Our Executive Director Stuart Alson loves the Film and especially the woman eating plant (what next?)”.
The Independent film Quarterly. Anoo Cottoor, Artistic Director, New York International Independent Film & Video Festival

Never Mind is a fascinating and entertaining film. It is a little bit Charlie’s Angels, a little bit Sci-Fi with a touch of James Bond around the edges. It was shot in London and it has a great look. The double entendres are hilarious but one must be focused to get all of the jokes. There were very few special effects, which I found refreshing. I loved the jungle scene with Helga; the woman-eating plant sets the mood for the rest of the film. And I was impressed at the reality of the fight scene in the hotel room. It is clear that the SBT girls are real martial artists. However, in some scenes the SBT girls’ accents are a bit thick. It’s a good date flick. I give it three and a half stars out of five.”
Daily Camera; Dennis Johnson

The following reviews were done by theater goers outside of Mann’s Chinese Theater. Review screeners were handed out to random female viewers and they were asked to email their comments to John Mars.

“I watched a screener of Never Mind last night. This is a different kind of role for Bruce Payne and I think it is one of his better ones. The jungle scene was hysterical. I think that the Blue character (Payne) is supposed to be part space alien.  I am not a Sci-Fi fan, but I found my self very entertained. And where can I get one of those gizmos that make the bad guys throw-up? This is a great film for girls. My little sister likes Vendela. It is nice to see a Girlpower film. Will there be a sequel? Thumbs up!”
Kim Wang, Studio City, California

“Who do I have to be nice to in order to join the Swedish Bikini Team? Just kidding. I’m a brunette and I’m not athletic. I looked at my review copy of Never Mind last week. It was really good! I did not expect such subtle humor from an unknown directors, and unknown writers. Are they from the UK? As a Trekie, I now have another fascinating concept to obsess upon. Is Mr. Blue going to attend any of the Science Fiction conventions? Are the SBT girls? Are they aliens too?  When will SBT merchandise be available? Is there a fan club I can join? When is their next movie coming out?”
Kelly Brockton, Encino, California

“A movie made for girls by girls! Yes! I loved it. I didn’t know that girls could be knighted. The Swedish girls were stunning. Are they really Swedish or are they from another planet like Mister Blue? I wasn’t sure if I was watching Science Fiction or Action Adventure but it was funny. My mom and dad enjoyed it too.”
Heather Johnson, Scottsdale, Arizona

“Cheers; excellent date movie! I first saw it with my boyfriend at the London Film Festival. It was standing room only and the audience laughed in the right places and applauded at the end. I noted that there is an opening on the screener that was missing from the original version. This is an improvement. And the title has changed. Nonetheless; brilliant British humor.”
Sally Smithers, London, England

“This is the funniest low budget movie that I have seen this year. Bruce Payne plays a great strange good guy. Is his character supposed to be from outer space? Are the SBT girls really martial artists? They made it look real. Girlpower, yes! My boyfriend even liked it. Give me more!”
Selma Cummings, Hollywood, California

“Last week my wife and I looked at my Never Mind screener. We’re baby boomers and we really enjoyed it. My teenaged son told me that it was a young people’s film and that I would not like it. We thought, after watching it, that it was written for our generation. The James Bond innuendos and the double-entendre jokes were right-on for us. We were very entertained. I can see how teenagers and the college crowd would like the film but it seems to be aimed at our demographic also. Kudos to the writers. Never Mind is a very amusing film that can actually be enjoyed by the whole family…what a concept!”
Mark and Susan Adams, Los Angeles, California.

“Never Mind is a very clever film. I like intelligent, satirical humor and this film has lots of that. The eye candy provided by the Swedish Bikini Team girls didn’t hurt a bit. My favorite is Asa (or is it Osa?). She is gorgeous and she has a glamour vibe similar to Marilyn Monroe. Wow! Where can I see more of her? When is the next Swedish Bikini Team film coming out?”
Lee Crenshaw, Las Vegas, Nevada.


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