The Mysterious Mr. Blue (Bruce Payne), a Hybrid…part extraterrestrial part Earthling, faces extraterrestrials while under a telepathic sleep paralysis session. He receives instructions from his father from the planet Magnetron.

The Swedish Bikini Team members are informed that a clone of the infamous Los Alamos hard drive is in the possession of INTERR, a terrorist group whose goal is to develop nuclear weapons to further their quest for international extortion leading to global domination. The SBT, under the auspices of the Mysterious Mr. Blue and DoubleOh (Janet McCabe), faces the wily talents of INTERR’s Hakim (John Rhys Davies) who will stop at nothing to exploit the secrets on the hard drive.

Meanwhile, SBT member Helga gets in trouble on her mission deep in the Amazonian rain forest to locate the rarest plant on Earth…the womanous devourous amazonious...while the remaining four SBT members fly to London to receive their knighthood from the Queen at Buckingham Palace. The Leather Nun (Dyan Keenan) gets interrogated about her Joe Datsun connection. And once Joe Datsun (Vincent Marcello), Abdul (Raj Ghatak) and Sean (Anthony Brophy) get involved with field portable nuclear devices on Big Ben and the Tower Bridge, things begin to get serious. The Adventure Never Stops…



This is one sick DVD! It is the infamous documentary which features the original members of the Swedish Bikini Team. Buy this piece of show biz history today! It contains clips from the TV tabloid shows as well as the Swedish Bikini Team TV beer commercials. It was these commercials that launched the ‘feminist’ blitzkrieg against the public display of feminine beauty during the Clinton Era of Political Correctness.

You get to see the seething anger of the arrogant, pissed-off ‘feminist’ lawyer who instigated the lawsuit against the beer company…who just happens to be a hot blonde babe. And witness the original SBT bimbos as they display their clueless insensitivity to reality.

This DVD also contains behind the scenes footage of the faux SBT girls making their 1998 calendar; the audio sucks but the pix are great and the music is good. You get to see those bimbos putting on their stupid wigs and practicing their fake Swedish accents. 60 minutes. Sick! Well worth the $10 price tag.



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