In the film that launched the Swedish Bikini Team franchise, Never Mind, the SBT babes battle INTERR, the enterprising terrorist organization that tries to hold the world hostage with nuclear weapons. INTERR’s leaders are composed of former members of al Qaeda, Al Badr, the IRA and the Russian Mafia. They formed an alliance to try to capitalize on capitalism; using nuclear weapons, of course. As the Mysterious Mr. Blue (Bruce Payne) has a close encounter with space aliens, the SBT babes are enroute to confront the terrorists who have possession of the Los Alamos hard drive. They have to battle Hakim (John Rhys-Davies) and defang Abdul (Raj Ghatak). Meanwhile Helga has issues with the woman eating plant of Amazonia. There seem to be bad guys all over the place. Its all about Beauty, Brains, Bravery and Girlpower!


Welcome to the new Swedish Bikini Team Website;
it reflects our evolving approach with the Swedish Bikini Team franchise. Our Science Fiction connection has come out of the closet. We had to be covert about Sci-Fi in the past because the investors, being clueless, did not understand. Now they are gone; we have prevailed and we are going to transition to warp speed into parallel and perpendicular universes (they’re real). Extraterrestrial Biological Beings, EBEs, and Hybrids (they’re real too) will be openly dealt with.

As the SBT battles raged, we had to unencumber ourselves of certain sinister influences. Subversive operatives disguised as executives were revealed to be under the control of Renegade Greys.  The ‘executives’ were trying to muck everything up with the SBT franchise. Therefore, we chose to place the SBT babes on furlough, undercover, until we could defeat the dark forces with which we were in a maddening power struggle. With the help of our superior support group, we ultimately prevailed. Now it’s time to march forward into the future; and the future is now.

Never Mind, a very entertaining PG-13 style film is now available on DVD exclusively to SBT fans on this website. The sound track will blow you away. Wait till you see the jungle scene with Helga and the woman eating plant of Amazonia. And the fight scenes are quick, direct and brutal just like in real life. Get your copy now; this is a movie that you’ll watch more than once.

The film opens with the lovely DoubleOh giving a brief explanation about Blue’s situation. We learn that the Mysterious Mr. Blue is a Hybrid…part EBE, part earthling. We then witness his latest sleep paralysis session and close encounter with the EBEs.

Always in the background, the Mysterious Mr. Blue somehow manages to keep the world in balance by using his Earthly operatives; the Swedish Bikini Team. And backing him up is the lovely DoubleOh (Janet McCabe) who develops the SBT Gizmos…their non-lethal weapons. Never Mind is entertaining from the first frame to the last; the Adventure Never Stops…

If you’re tired of the usual Hollywood BS, you’ll like Never Mind. We play outside the boundaries of Hollywood’s business-as-usual box. Never Mind is a thinking peoples’ movie; you actually have to pay attention in order to get it. Explosions? We don’t need no stinking explosions; well…maybe just one. The fight scenes are real, the jokes actually have a point and there are no gratuitous sex scenes. You won’t have to feel embarrassment in front of your little sister or your granny. You can even watch it with your mom! This film is all about Girlpower!

If you would like to read some reviews of Never Mind; click here. Most of the reviews are from actual filmgoers. We feel that most mainstream film critics tend to have their heads up their asses. If you are a film buff, please send us your review of Never Mind. We will post the most insightful ones. Include your name and town.


Also just completed is the first SBT novel, Revenge is a Dish Best Served Warm. To read an excerpt, click here. The edited manuscript and the artwork are on their way to the publisher and the book will be available on this Website and in bookstores everywhere as well as Amazon and Barnes and Noble. This novel is the Rosetta Stone of the SBT franchise. The background of the characters is clearly explained and their mission is clearly defined. The entire back story of the SBT is laid out and we learn that the SBT members and DoubleOh are descended from Pleiadian Star Children via ancient Norsemen. Set in 1997, Revenge is a Dish Best Served Warm is also an hysterical political satire. ‘Political Correctness’ and ‘Feminism’ will never be the same.

We will make an announcement when the book comes off the press.

We also plan to release the 60 minute documentary, The Lost Tapes of the Swedish Bikini Team, on this site. We are just adding a few editing tweaks.
The Lost Tapes includes footage from television tabloid shows and the three original Swedish Bikini Team beer commercials.
The three original commercials and the tabloid TV clips alone are worth the price.

The source tapes are ten years old and the audio quality sucks in some actuality sections; but it’s all real.

The rest is very entertaining in a ‘Look at that train wreck’ kind of way. The Lost Tapes is significant as a documentary that gives a hard behind-the-scenes look at an American cultural icon; the Swedish Bikini Team. It is very fascinating and is the last public appearance of the original SBT members just prior to their being sent into permanent exile.

We will let you know when this historical DVD is available.

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